The 12 Gains of Liftmas: Gifts for Bodybuilders

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O’ tis the season for egg nog, mouth-watering meals, and of course bulking season. This holiday season why not get the lifter the gifts they’ll really love helping them make gains well into the New Year. We have the gifts they want that will be sure to bring a smile throughout the entire 12 Gains of Liftmas.

12 Gifts for Bodybuilders

Huge Gainer

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First Day of Liftmas

Huge Gainer (5 lb), with its superior 3:1 carb to protein ratio, provides the highest quality protein with the best in class taste and mixability that is second to none.

At only $24.99 it will be sure to put you front and center on the gains train.

It can even be fed to your reindeer for maximal gains during a pinch.


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Second Day of Liftmas

MTS Epic Gains Mass Gainer is the first mass gainer of its kind providing complex carbohydrates made from Brown Rice (a whole food carb source).

Furthermore, MTS Epic Gains provides an advanced vegetable blend equivalent to several servings of fruits and vegetables. The protein contained within MTS Epic Gains is comprised of an 80% casein and 20% whey blend perfect for adding lean mass.

Omega Gains

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Third Day of Liftmas

Omega Supreme Omega Gains is the newest mass gainer on the market place formulated to increase size while maintaining that lean look throughout the winter months.

Formulated with MTS Carb 10 (a non-insulin spiking carb source) and the equivalent of five servings of vegetables you can rest assured you’ll be putting on size and strength in no time.

Big 100

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Fourth Day of Liftmas

Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars come in a variety of flavors suited to meet the taste buds of any lifter.

With over 30 grams of protein, these bars perform amazing as a meal replacement, snack, or evening treat. In fact, they taste so good you won’t be able to even tell you’re actually consuming a protein bar.

Quest Bars

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Fifth Day of Liftmas

Quest Bars are currently the top selling protein bar on the market for good reason. With over 12 flavors you will be sure to find the flavor you crave to best make those post-workout gains.

The macros on these bars are perfectly balanced containing optimal levels of protein and carbohydrates all while maintaining low amounts of dietary fat.


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Sixth Day of Liftmas

MTS Nutrition Creapure Creatine is made with the finest German creatine monohydrate helping to promote lean mass gains, increased strength, and enhanced muscle recovery.

You can’t go wrong getting this as a stocking stuffer for that special someone or even asking Santa to throw it under the tree.

The Box

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Seventh Day of Liftmas

Fitmark The large Meal Management Box will keep your meals fresh all day long. It comes fully loaded with a multi-compartment shaker bottle and custom vitamin organizer as well as 4 airtight sealed-containers.

This heavy duty lunch bag will be the envy of all the boys at the lunch table. They’ll be eating pizza watching you make all the gains.

They’ll be mirin bruh…

Gasp Belt

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Eighth Day of Liftmas

The GASP Training Belt is one of the strongest and most durable belts on the marketplace. Your favorite lifter will be fully supported as they attempt max effort lifts while looking stylish at the same time.

This is the gift that will last for years and years as they constantly progress to their maximum potential.

Carb 10

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Ninth Day of Liftmas

MTS Carb 10 is the most optimal carbohydrate source on the market and first of its kind to feature a non-insulin spiking carb source made exclusively from peas.

Have no fear that your glycogen will be fully restored without the possibility of health related risks caused by sudden insulin spikes in other post workout carb sources. Pair this with your favorite protein to form the perfect post-workout shake.

GASP Wrist Wraps

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Tenth Day of Liftmas

GASP Hardcore Wrist Wraps are perfect for providing high quality support during those heavy lifting sessions.

Limit the risk of injuries and optimize your lifts with a set of these wrist wraps this holiday season. This will be the gift that keeps on giving…giving you gains that is.

MTS Whey

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Eleventh Day of Liftmas

MTS Nutrition Machine Whey is made from the highest quality protein sources on the market helping increase lean mass while also improving immune function.

Over 12 different flavors to choose from all containing superior mixability and taste. You can rest assured your loved one will be overcome with joy when they find a bottle of MTS Machine Whey underneath the tree.

Duffel Bag

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Twelfth Day of Liftmas

The Fitmark Classic Duffel Bag comes in four different colors made from the highest quality materials designed specifically for high impact fitness and sport use.

You can rest assured that your clothes and valuables will stay dry and safe as you perform your killer workout. This bag is the perfect gift for the lifter that has it all.

The holidays are a special time of year so instead of getting that someone you love the same old boring gifts, get them something they will use and enjoy through the holidays and well into the new year only from! Giving gifts that will bring endless amounts of holiday cheer IT’S NOT A GAME!

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