Nick Ludlow

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I was active in baseball and soccer during my youth, but my fitness journey did not begin until the age of 13, when I had eaten my way up to 210lbs at a height of 4 foot 11 inches and developed exercise-induced asthma.

Being disgusted with myself in the mirror and afraid to take off my shirt, I embarked on a regimen of very low calorie dieting and rigorous cardiovascular activity. Unfortunately I was too “successful” and disciplined in my practice; I dropped 100lbs but I also developed an eating disorder in the process (exercise-induced anorexia).

In just a few months I overcame the eating disorder, weighed 150lbs, and began running cross-country for my high school team. After punishing my body with 50-70 miles of running per week I constantly felt run-down, injured, and unpleased with my appearance – I felt skinny fat. It wasn’t until taking a weight training class my senior year of high school (2009) that I found my preferred form of exercise to improve both my mind and body.

I quickly fell in love with the therapeutic power of weightlifting and I’ve been lifting ever since. Through my undergraduate education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill I helped to establish, recruit for, and participate in Carolina Barbell; a weightlifting club for students on campus.

At age 20 I hit one of my greatest lifting achievements thus far- a 501kg/1104.5lb 3-lift total and 509lb deadlift in the 165-lb weight class in a drug-free, raw power-lifting meet. Since I am now a consultant (full-time road warrior), I still enjoy powerlifting, bodybuilding, and boxing but competitive meets are on the back-burner. At a weight under 200lbs, my training ambitions are a 225lb overhead press, 315lb bench, 405lb squat, 585lb deadlift.

When it comes to fitness I enjoy reading about historic weight lifters, non-conventional weightlifting approaches, nutritional protocols, and the science behind supplements.

When I’m not working, exercising in the gym, or writing about fitness I enjoy travelling to other continents, cooking exotic meats, enjoying fine whiskey, busting out my favorite white-guy dance moves at the club, and exploring all the world has to offer.


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