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Bryan Moskow AKA The Guerrilla Chemist is considered by his peers to be a top formulator in the industry, as well as a credible source for scientific information as it applies to fitness.  He is on the forefront of research and development of cutting edge, science-based, and efficaciously dosed nutritional supplements.

Bryan prides himself on practicing what he preachers and is always the first to conduct research on himself to gain knowledge for others.  He is one of the only formally educated chemists in the industry, which separates him from most people in his position.

Education August 2014 M.S. Chemistry Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA May 2010 B.S. Chemistry University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL May 2004 B.S. Marketing University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Technical Skills Multi-step, advanced organic synthesis and purification ranging from the microgram to the multi-gram scale Expertise in a variety of characterization techniques include, but not limited to NMR(H1,C13, and F19), UV-Vis, IR, GC/GCMS, AFM, HPLC, and Raman Formulation and product development for nutritional supplements Design and implementation of research studies Advanced understanding in biochemistry, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacokinetics Excellent oral and written communication abilities, including public speaking/presentation experience

Employment History   July 2017- Present: Chief Science Officer, Tiger Fitness, Loveland, OH   December 2015- July 2017: Chief Science Officer, Blackstone Labs, Boca Raton, FL
  • Headed any and all enhancement in product development, scientific substantiation, and formulation, from manufacturing and procurement of raw materials
  • Researched and developed current and new compounds to be used in products
  • Recorded videos and wrote articles and marketing materials explaining the chemistry of all existing products
  • Conducted in-house and 3rd party testing of products for efficacy as well as purity
  February 2015 – November 2015: _ Scientific Affairs Coordinator, BioTRUST Nutrition, Dallas, TX  
  • Coordinated and analyzed all clinical research for existing and innovation products
  • Secured, organized, and vetted all substantiation documents used in support of all marketing materials and compliance
  • Aided in development of standard operating procedures for product development, substantiation, marketing, and compliance
  • Comprehensive breakdown and dissemination of all scientific research for non-science business units
    October 2014 – May 2015: _ Research Consultant, Human Performance Lab, University of Tampa, FL  
  • Head of research for discovery of novel compounds with applications towards product development
  • Discovery and elucidation of metabolic pathways, specific to sports nutritional supplements
  • Aided in development and conduction of research studies on human performance, sports nutrition, and product testing