Brently Rousset

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Born, raised, and currently residing in beautiful San Diego, CA, I've been around some form of fitness almost my entire life. My mom was an aerobics teacher at the local gym when I was in elementary school through middle school. My dad had a full home gym in the garage and raced mountain bikes professionally through my high school years. My parents engrained the importance of health and fitness into me from a young age. I started playing soccer in my elementary days only to leave it behind for my true loves of basketball and surfing.

I always knew I wanted to stay fit and keep a decent looking physique, yet it wasn't until a high school weightlifting class I took my sophomore year that I really started to focus on throwing some iron around. Learning how to bench press, military press, and squat got me excited to learn more. So, I started hitting the weights in class and also at the home gym with my dad. While I wasn't focused on building a bodybuilder-type body just yet, I was getting stronger and lifting weights was helping me both on the court and in the ocean.

I went to college and stayed consistent with my lifting, hitting the gym at least 3-4 days a week. But, your gains can only go so far when you're on the college diet of cereal, burritos, and Coors Light. I never got overweight, but also never developed the type of body I really wanted deep down. It wasn't until I graduated college and got a full time job that I was able to focus on a weekly routine of hitting work then hitting the gym consistently. I started making progress: a fuller chest, a wider back, some bigger arms. But, the post-college drinking habits lingered and my midsection was facing the consequences.

My body has transformed the most within the last year. I put a major focus on my diet, severely limited my drinking, and the results have been spectacular. I've dropped two inches in my waist, reduced my body fat, and revealed the abs I always knew were lying somewhere within my midsection. The drive to lift weights and exercise is something I've always had, but it wasn’t until I really focused on the nutrition side of bodybuilding that I respected and fell in love with the lifestyle.

I felt myself able to provide a broader knowledge of both exercise and nutrition to others who had questions or wondered what ‘my secret’ was once I broadened my own knowledge on the importance of nutrition. Whatever your goals may be, in my opinion, nutrition plays the largest role in reaching your desired goals. My desire for knowledge in the world of exercise, nutrition, and body building gets stronger every day and I can not wait to continue sharing what I learn with others to help them reach their fitness goals.


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