Anthony Cooper

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My name is Anthony Cooper. I am a 31 year old family man with a wife of 10 years, Lindsey, and 2 beautiful children, Jaxon 3, and Elliana 7 months. They are my world.

Iā€™ve been training since I was 14, off and on, and really seriously for the last 6 years or so. My dad was an amateur bodybuilder during the ā€˜80s, and my brother is an amateur bodybuilder as well.

I am a former Navy man and was part of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort in 2005. After the Navy I worked in construction for a couple of years before becoming a Corrections Officer at the county jail.

After 5 plus years at the jail I wanted to try and make a difference in the lives of the kids in the community because I was tired of seeing kids barely 18 come to jail. So I took a bit of a cut in pay to work at one of the local high schools as a para-educator, as well as a football and baseball coach.

In August 2013, I received my Associates Degree in Occupational Studies for Personal Training. Shortly after I decided to give powerlifting a shot and did my first meet in December 2013. I was instantly hooked.

With 3 meets under my belt, with last being in November 2014, I have taken my squat from 385 lbs to 496 lbs, my bench from 285 lbs to 314 lbs, and my deadlift from 455 lbs to 535 lbs. Along with powerlifting, I also play baseball.

I love lifting and coaching the kids on the field as well as in the gym and would like to pass on some of the things that I have learned over the years to others to help them achieve their goals.